Our Educational

The Redlands Learning Platform is the School’s educational philosophy and teaching and learning framework that has been developed to enable our students to achieve academic excellence.

The Redlands Learning Platform develops the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our students to flourish and prepares them for tertiary studies and to be active and responsible citizens in our global community. The platform is based on Harvard University research.

Based on Harvard University Research

By promoting skills of higher order thinking and problem-solving, it encourages students to apply knowledge and understanding to problems and situations not previously experienced. Based on Harvard University’s Teaching for Understanding and Cultures of Thinking pedagogical research, the Redlands Learning Platform:

  • Develops a growth mindset
  • Teaches for understanding
  • Advances deeper learning strategies
  • Fosters social and emotional learning
  • Encourages self-awareness and independence
  • Focuses students on dynamic and active learning

Three Key

We believe that all learning is a consequence of effective thinking, which is valued, visible and actively promoted in all learning areas.

To this end, the Redlands Learning Platform features these core components:

Authentic Learning

Authentic learning and deep understanding lie at the heart of the Redlands Learning Platform. Students experience holistic growth and success when they are provided with excellent, futures-focused learning opportunities within an enriched culture of thinking and learning.

Distinct Learner Attributes

We develop distinct learner attributes, dispositions and habits of mind in Redlands students. These include the thinking and learning skills and attitudes of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, curiosity, cultural competencies, open-mindedness and reflection, so students can participate in their communities as active, compassionate and responsible citizens.

Learning Extension

We recognise that all students are unique with their own distinct potential, strengths, difficulties and learning styles. As a school we are dedicated to supporting every student to achieve their personal best. An integral part of our Redlands Learning Platform is that teachers are provided with the opportunity to design highly effective teaching programs that are based on the individual learning styles of all students.

Student Leadership

As a coeducational school, students gain experience in leading all genders, preparing them for life outside the school gates.

Opportunities for leadership development begin in the Preparatory School where our Year 2 students have the responsibility of conducting the weekly assemblies, along with the positions of Environment Patrol, Library Monitors and the Big Buddy program. The Junior School student leaders are elected annually from Year 6 students and include School Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, Environment Captains and House Captains – one girl and one boy in each position. There are also leadership positions in Student Wellbeing, Technology and Library. In every class from Years 3-6, students are voted by their peers as Student Representative Council members and Class Representatives.

In the Secondary School leadership opportunities continue in Years 7-9, where each Year Group has student representatives on the Student Representative Council. Leadership opportunities culminate at the end of Year 11 with the election of School Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, Environment Captains, Service Captains, House Captains, one girl and one boy in each position.

Additionally there are a number of Captains for each sport and cocurricular activity. As leaders of the School, all Year 12 students become prefects and a large number receive Prefect Awards for their service to the School.