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Redlands is one of the leading Secondary Schools in Sydney and offers a coeducational learning environment for students from Years 7-12; an environment that cultivates mutual respect between all genders and prepares them for a world that is ever-changing. 

Redlands Secondary School Students In The Classroom

With a strong focus on holistic individual student growth, our students grow academically and emotionally in a values-based environment. They develop skills of critical and creative thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration, all skills that are a prerequisite to thrive in and meet the challenges of today’s world.

Learning Together,
Leading Together

By learning and leading together in a coeducational environment, students develop a diversity of ideas and opinions to challenge traditional viewpoints and build resilience. All the major Secondary School leadership roles have joint positions, allowing students to gain valuable experience leading all genders, placing them in good stead upon their graduation from Redlands. 

As one of the leading secondary schools in Sydney, we’ve long recognised that coeducation is a more natural reflection of today’s society and strongly believe in preparing our students for the real world where all genders work alongside one another. Our students develop into well-rounded, confident and compassionate young adults, ready to make a strong contribution to the world of the future.

Redlands Secondary School
Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing at Redlands is the embodiment of our ethos, values and mission – it is being committed to fostering a learning environment which is safe, supportive and caring where each student is known and valued. We aim to ensure that school life is a positive, meaningful and rewarding experience and direct the energies of the School towards the holistic social and emotional development of each student.

We recognise that students bring with them a wide range of interests, strengths and talents and we work with students and parents to explore and expand these, to support the growth and development of skills and to build a strong sense of compassion and empathy within our school community.

The Redlands learning program is supported by an extensive range of sport and cocurricular opportunities, encouraging students to learn, to achieve and to develop their unique skills and talents.

An Engaging

Our world class learning program has now offered students the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme as well as the HSC for over 25 years – providing the opportunity for Year 11-12 students to select the course of study most appropriate to their individual strengths and preferences.

Redlands has offered the International Baccalaureate since 1988, longer than any other school in NSW. Our 30+ year association with the IB has helped to build our reputation as a leading provider of a well-rounded global education. 

The IB is an international qualification and meets the needs of students who are becoming increasingly more globally minded and are looking for an alternative to the HSC. The international awareness and knowledge gained during their studies will be beneficial to our IB students as they pursue careers and opportunities and seek to make a difference in an increasingly globalised world. 

Learning within a collaborative, vibrant and innovative culture, complemented by a comprehensive leadership and service program, Secondary School students are motivated to become well-rounded, confident and compassionate young adults.

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to Shine

To allow our students to grow, we have developed a learning environment where they can feel confident and comfortable to express themselves and encourage them to participate in every aspect of school life. Some opportunities given to students in order for them to truly let their light shine include:     

Redlands Secondary School Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Leadership, team building, commitment and resilience are life skills that students develop through a range of leadership programs from Years 7-12. Leadership opportunities offered to students include representing their Year Group on the Student Representative Council, participating in the Peer Support program or developing their leadership skills during the annual Curriculum Camps. Leadership opportunities culminate in Year 12 with the election of School Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, Environment Captains, Service Captains, House Captains and Captains of Activities.

Redlands Secondary School Cocurricular Performing Arts Ballet And Dance

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is an integral part of the life of the School and we offer a diverse program of skill development and authentic performance opportunities. Driven by our Vision, we offer a range of classical and contemporary programs across Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre, designed to allow our students to let their light shine whatever their area of passion. Showcase performance opportunities throughout the year include Music Festivals, the Ballet and Dance Concert, Redlands Musical and our flagship celebration, ýӰ Arts.

Redlands Secondary School Sport


The extensive range of sports offered to our Secondary School students includes Basketball, Football, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, AFL, Rowing, Tennis, Sailing and Snowsports, in addition to the Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country Carnivals. The school also runs the ýӰ for Snowsports in the Snowy Mountains and the ýӰ for Sailing on Sydney Harbour. These competitions attract some of the top secondary schools in Sydney to compete together.

Redlands Secondary School Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is a vital part of a Redlands education aiming to enhance student’s perceptions of their abilities, improve self-confidence, add to essential life skills and develop a deep respect for the natural environment. In addition, all students from Year 9 onwards have the opportunity to participate in the the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Redlands Secondary School Winter School

Winter School

Redlands Winter School was established in 1995 and is a truly unique educational opportunity and the only one of its kind offered in the Southern Hemisphere. This residential program provides the opportunity for interested Year 10 students to combine academic study with Snowsports training, experiencing Term 3 at the Redlands High Country Campus at Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.

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As a leading independent school in Sydney, we recognise that exceptional education requires passionate, enthusiastic and who value each individual student and who teach the whole person, not just the curriculum. We seek to engage and continuously develop staff who are highly knowledgeable in their subject areas and in the art and science of teaching.